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Donation - Christmas Cards and Candy Bars

Donation - Christmas Cards and Candy Bars

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4 Paws for Ability has puppy enrichment and training programs in 5 prisons in Ohio and Kentucky.  Program participants are often faced with the tough stuff - potty training, mouthy puppy play, and more.  They take it in stride and have committed to making good use of their time to help others.

We appreciate their choice to do go, to love a puppy, and to help a service dog in training on their way to a child or veteran some day.  4 Paws is collecting holiday cards and letters for the team, but would like to send them candy bars or other small snacks.  Because of each prison's rules and requirements, we are asking for cash donations to cover these snacks, allowing 4 Paws to purchase only those things we get approval to take to each location.  

Donations will be used to provide candy and other snacks to each member of our prison program team.  Donations that exceed the cost of providing snacks for team members will be used to provide supplies and support to our prison programs!