I Hold This Puppy In Trust

I hold this puppy in trust, but yours he has always been. He's grown from small to big, tackled the stairs, and everywhere I've taken him.
I hold this puppy in trust and taught him everything I know. He learned his commands, sit and down and roll over and shake, but from the beginning I knew it was coming and someday soon he'll be yours to take.
I hold this puppy in trust, for now he's here and in my heart he will always be. But you see, all of this was never about me.
I hold this puppy in trust, for the benefit of another. You'll work hard together as partners, and still, I will always love him like no other.
I didn't know when I began, the gift it would truly be, to hold your puppy in trust until you could be here, you see.
Now you're together and just seeing you two, it's clear, this service dog I held in trust was always meant for you.
Take care of my dear sweet puppy. He works and plays and loves the hardest - and you know, that makes you really lucky.

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