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Book - MediKidz Explain Seizure Assistance Dogs Comic

Book - MediKidz Explain Seizure Assistance Dogs Comic

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As part of Eisai’s commitment to the epilepsy community, we teamed up with jumo, enlisting their signature comic book line, Medikidz®, which uses animated superheroes to explain medical conditions to children by providing accurate and engaging information for young people and their families. The content is developed by Eisai with feedback from leading clinical specialists and graphic novelists, peer-reviewed by key opinion leaders (KOLs) and endorsed by professional and patient advocacy groups.

Eisai is proudly supporting jumo to bring information about epilepsy to patients and their families.

This comic book features 4 Paws for Ability duo, Joel and Flame!
  • Medikidz Explain Seizure Assistance Dogs – A story about Joel’s experience with his seizure-assistance dog, Flame.